I’m Adam Smith, CEO and founder of ShirtToFun. ShirtToFun was established in 2016. I still remember the days when I would rush home from school to catch my favorite anime series on TV. Those colorful characters and thrilling adventures became my escape from reality, a safe haven where I could be myself and dream big. As years passed, my love for anime only grew stronger, but I struggled to find ways to express it in my daily life. Traditional merchandise was limited and didn’t quite capture the essence of the shows that meant so much to me.

That’s when the idea for ShirtToFun was born. We wanted to create a way for fellow anime fans like us to proudly display their passion wherever they went. Each design handpicked with care, each character lovingly brought to life in vibrant colors on our all-over print t-shirts. With every stitch and every detail, we poured our hearts into making these shirts not just clothing, but symbols of joy and enthusiasm that can connect people with shared interests and spark conversations among strangers who quickly turn into friends bonded by their love for anime.